Divine Bitches – Ebony Dominatrix

We come back this week with another new divine bitches scene for you all to see and check out and it’s as amazing as you think. As you can see from the preview, it’s quite naughty too and we bet that you will love it. The main babe in this one is an ebony dominatrix that knows how to play with her food and there’s plenty of that getting showed off today right here. So just take your time to relax and sit back as you get to have front row seats to this amazingly hot and juicy show with the divinebitches mistress. You will get to see her tie the guy up and then take her time to tease him as she uses her whip to punish him all over his body!

The show begins with the babe securing the guy in those chains and cuffs so that he can’t really move at all. Once she has him nice and restrained, you can also see her undress a bit and show off her amazing body to you all too. You can watch her caress herself and touch herself all over, especially play with her boobs as well while she’s whipping him as it seems that this turns her on the most. There’s some more things that go down in this one, but we feel that you should explore that by yourselves. So sit back and check out the action fully and we’ll return again soon with some more amazing and hot galleries for you all to see too. Bye bye all!


Take a look at this ebony mistress whipping her slave!

Drown In My Squirt

We promised a new divine bitches update today, so here it is and it is glorious. As you can tell, this mistress here got to get really really naughty with her slave and they had lots and lots of fun with one another. As they start to play you will get to see that she doesn’t need whips and chains to get herself off as her main thing is just to be the top dog as one would say in the encounter. And her personality mirrors that since she’s a very very strong willed person. And of course, here at divinebitches all the babes have that and that is what turns their slaves on. Let’s see this red haired cutie totally dominate the guy she’s with and enjoy herself!


The action takes place in the living room with the babe making the rules right from the start and you can watch her strapping some dildos to the guy with some belt straps and that’s about it. she likes to have her men be free, and just subdued by her presence. So yeah, check her out riding that dildo she strapped to his chest and watch her letting him suck on her toes too. She was only sporting a form fitting black dress that was making her look smoking hot and we bet that you will agree that she looked absolutely divine in it. Well either way, just take the time to enjoy her in action here today and then watch her go in for round two as well!

Take a look at this mistress getting fucked by her slave!

Divine Bitches – Devilish Destiny

You are just in time everyone to come and check out a brand new and fresh show featuring some more amazing and sexy divine bitches in action for this one and you can rest assured that there’s plenty to check out here today without delay. Well either way, this brunette here has a lot on store to show off and you simply cannot pass up the opportunity to get to see her in action. Her name is Destiny and like the title says, she’s devilishly sexy too. Let’s watch her amazing divinebitches update as she gets to put on a strap on dildo and then you can see her putting it to some real good use as she fucks this guy deep in the ass!

The whole thing takes place in her garage and on that superb chopper that she owns. You can see that apart from motorized vehicles, the babe also has a thing for leather and latex and you can watch her have some fun while she gets to put on her corset and show off to you all a little bit as well. Then you can watch as she gets around to finally bend the guy over and take his ass doggie style in this gallery update here today. We’ll be returning soon of course with even more amazing and hot updates for you to see. So yeah, see you guys and gals next week with another amazing and hot gallery and more mistresses in action!


Watch here this busty mistress pounding her slave’s ass!

Domestic Husband Training

Welcome back guys to some more amazing divine bitches scenes this afternoon and another little lady with a passion for playing naughty and on top of playing naughty she also seems to have a passion for latex and being a dominatrix too. Well that’s why her husband married her in the first place actually too. So yeah, today you get to see the busty beauty as she gets to take her time to do whatever she wants to her man here today and as you can clearly see in this divinebitches scene, she’s going to be using a strap on dildo on his ass. Anyway, let’s just get those cameras rolling and watch her in some amazing action without delay shall we everyone?


As the show truly begins, you can see that the guy was made by her to wear some cute and sexy lingerie too. She wants him all dressed up pretty before she gets to rip those panties apart and going deep in his ass with her strap on. But this all is just to get her off of course as she only gets really horny if she’s the one to be in control all the time too. So yeah, sit back and check out this amazing show and watch as the babe fucks her sex slave and then watch her having him do more work for her on that amazing body today. We’ll be back again soon so make sure to drop on by and check out the new and fresh shows!

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Divine Bitches – Anal Fisting

Welcome to divine bitches and a superb show this fine week. This site aims to bring you some all out hot and sexy shows with mistresses taking care of their male sex slaves to the best of their abilities and of course lots and lots of S&M play is involved in these things. Just sit back and watch as you get to see this first gallery here unfold with a blonde mistress and her man slut for the afternoon. Just sit back and relax as you will be able to check this one out going down and we bet that you will just adore the divinebitches action that the babe gets to put on for you all to see as well. And of course, like the title suggests, you can sit back and see some anal fisting going down in this one!

Anyway, as we start off, we get to see this lady’s sex dungeon that she has and that she intends to use with this guy here today. After a small tour with the guy in tow, you can see her making him sit all nude on her little fuck table. She’s got his dick in a chastity belt as well and she alone holds the key. So if he wants his dick pleased as well, first he needs to let her play with his ass today. Take your time to see the guy laying back and enjoying the anal fist fucking that he gets from the divine mistress here today. We bet that you will love it too and you can expect to see much more than this next week as well!


Check out this mistress fisting her slave!

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