Divine Bitches – Slave Punishment

You came in at just the right time to check out a brand new divine bitches update here today with some more amazing action and of course some more divine looking mistresses playing with their slaves. Today we have another babe with a taste for glamour, at least as far as her outfits are concerned and you can bet that she just can’t have enough of guys being very submissive to her and listening and obeying her every command. It’s pretty much your usual run of the mill divinebitches scene with the mistress taking advantage of her sex slave here today and you can take your time to see this one making him please her pussy all day long!

The babe as we mentioned has a taste for all thing glamorous as far as the ones that are on her person and you can see her showing off her outfit to begin with of course. The guy gets to come in and quietly put on his devices while she gets to parade her body around while she poses for you all from every angle. She starts to undress until she only has her garter belt on and her thigh high stockings and now she calls the dude over too. You can see her spread her legs and letting him use that face mounded strap on dildo to fuck her pussy while she just gets to relax. We’re sure you will love the action and there will be more here soon!


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Medical Fetish Dungeon

The new divine bitches show today is one not to miss truly as it has some more amazingly hot and sexy ladies getting to play on camera and they have more slaves to play with. This seems to be a medical themed one as the title says and you can see this busty and lustful brunette as she gets around to have some fun with this guy. She did sport a nurse’s outfit to begin with, but well…you can see what happened in the preview below. Anyway, this is another one of those divine bitches shows that you won’t want to miss out on, so just take your time to check this brunette out as she plays with that cock! There’s plenty to see in this gallery!


As the show begins, the guy is in his bed when the naughty nurse comes in. And it’s pretty clear that she’s horny and well, he’s basically at her mercy. She saw his big cock so far and she wants it all to herself tonight and he has no say in it since he’s strapped to the table to begin with. Watch her drop the outfit to show off that sexy set of lingerie to him and you as well. Then you can watch her playing with his cock and teasing him as much as she wants as well. We’ll let you discover for yourselves how far this babe went with the guy today and we bet that you’ll be most pleased with the result of that too. Anyway, see you next week!

Watch here this busty brunette playing with her slave!

Divine Bitches – Perfect Service

Hey there everyone. We know you missed our divine bitches so we’re here with some more of them in action. Perfect service doesn’t even begin to describe this little BDSM scene that’s going on on your screens for today. The mistress here prides herself on perfectly training her man sluts to please her and she wants to put on a little demonstration for you all today with the aid of this guy. He gets to be her assistant but most of all her sub for the afternoon and he shows off every trick that this busty divinebitches babe taught him so far. So yeah, let’s get those cameras rolling today and just watch some superb sex scenes with them!

As she makes her entry, the superb and sexy mistress is all ready to have a nice play session and first thing that you can notice is her amazingly hot and sexy lingerie set that she has on her. Trailing after her is her slave and as she has him sit lower than her, she’s shows off that he’s obedient to her orders and her orders alone. As she lifts up her skirt, you can see her basically planting her pussy and ass on his face. See her moan as she gets her pussy eaten out in this one and enjoy the great and hot show that the two share here today. We’ll be back again next week with yet another juicy scene so come on by to check that out too!


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Lusty Cherry Torn

Hey guys and welcome back as always to a brand new divine bitches update. We know what you love to see and we have of course, more of it today as well. The mistress in this new gallery is the incredibly hot and amazing looking porn star Cherry Torn and she wants you to see what happens to guy that don’t fully satisfy her every need. She’s very picky when it comes to dudes, but if they don’t perform she’s more than happy to wear a strap on herself and show them how it’s done like in this one. So yeah, let those divinebitches cameras roll and let’s watch this beauty taking her time to fuck this guy up the ass with her strap on dildo today shall we?


As you can see, miss Cherry here is sporting quite the sexy outfit as well and it’s one sensual and sexy looking night gown. The lingerie made her look super sexy and she knows it fully well as well. Watch her as she lays the guy on his back on a mattress and see her just sliding her sex toy up his butt today. You can see him moan loudly in pleasure in this one as he gets to be fucked missionary style by the babe and he seems to love every single second of it as well. With that all being said, we’ll return again next week with another new and fresh scene for you. So make sure that you come by to check it all out too!

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Divine Bitches – Hookers Revenge

Welcome to a new and fresh divine bitches show for the afternoon with an all new babe that gets to have some fun with her sex slave on camera for you all to see and check out today. The first thing that you will notice about this lovely lady is her truly outrageously sexy outfit and as the title says, you can bet that she’s one of those hot babes practicing the oldest job in the world as it were. Well in this scene, you all get to see this babe take matters into her own hands and you can check her out in a glorious divinebitches show as she gets to take her time and use that big strap on dildo she has to plow this guy in the ass all afternoon long too!

As you can clearly see, or babe here is a redhead too and quite the cute one at that. Her outfit mostly consisted of some sexy and amazing looking blue lingerie that made her look all that more sexy as well and she knows it too. Sit back and relax as you get to watch the whole thing unfold and you can even see the babe order the guy around as she wants him to show off how good he is at touching her all over. Thing is he’s not very good so she has to deliver some punishment. Watch her put the strap on on herself and then see her bending the guy over. You can check her out fucking the guy doggie style for the rest of this amazing gallery here today!


See this horny bitch hammering this guy’s ass!

Lorelei Lee’s Pleasure

As another fresh week rolled around we just had to bring you this divine bitches scene here today. There’s a brand new mistress that wants to play in this one and you just have to see her in action without delay too. Her name is Lorelei Lee and she knows a thing or two about how to get down and dirty too. As you can see she’s a very very pretty blonde babe that has a think for domination and she has this male sex slave all under her thumb today too. Sit back and check out this new scene with her as she gets to be a cock tease for him and see her giving the poor guy some sweet release at the end after playing with his cock so much!


You can see that this is as usual the best of the best action that you can see and on top of that you know that we always aim to make this site the go to place for you when you want to see dominating babes like this blonde in action. So anyway, miss Lorelei Lee here took great pleasure in taking her time to play around with the guy’s body and tease him as much as she could. But other than that, you can see that the babe did reward him at the end for being a good sport. You can see her tittty fucking his big dick. And with it between her breasts you can see her make the guy cum all over her big, superb, boobs today. We’re going to see you soon with some more action!

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Divine Bitches – Her Plaything

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back to a brand new and fresh divine bitches scene here today with some more goodies all lined up for you to check out. Of course we have another mistress all ready to party hard and show off her skill at making guys squirm for her. She’s none other than the petite ebony beauty Ana Foxxx and we’re sure that you know the name. We also bet that you will adore the action that you get to see her engaged in today’s mighty fine and hot divinebitches scene so let’s just take the time to sit back and watch the lovely miss Foxxx as she gets around to fuck her slave in the ass with her big strap on dildo today!

As soon as we get to see the show start off, you can check out the mistress herself making her entry, strutting about and showing off her amazing body on camera of course. Then in comes the guy too and he gets to sit and bend over on a table and have his hands tied up by our beauty here. She first takes her time to whip his ass nice and hard and make him moan in pleasure, and only after she’s satisfied with that, you can see her put on the strap on and proceed to fuck the guy anally with the sex toy. We bet you’ll adore seeing Ana in this kind of scene ad we can only hope that she gets to grace her with her presence in the future some more as well. Enjoy!


See this mean bitch pounding her slave!

Honeymoon Cuckold

You are back just in time this week to get to see some more amazing and hot divine bitches in action as per usual. This week’s gallery has a very very naughty mistress that was up to no good here and you can watch that action with her unfold fully as she gets around to play with her two sex slaves today. Just sit back and relax as you get to watch her in some stunning action teasing them both and playing with them in very very naughty ways too. We’re sure that you will love this divinebitches update and more will be here soon too. But for now just take the time to enjoy the sight of this babe making the guys fuck her hard today!


When the show begins, she shows two of them being dressed in some nice outfits. One of them wears a gimp mask and a shirt with pants. The other guy though, gets to be dressed like a slut and while she has them sitting around, you can check out the babe teasing them as much as she wants. She gets them hard by posing around and getting all touchy feely with their bodies as well and before you know it you can see her bend over for them and making them take turns to fuck her sweet and eager wet pussy as well. As you know, we’ll be back again next week and we’ll have much more new and fresh content to show off to you!

Watch here this slave pounding his mistress!

Divine Bitches – Ebony Goddess

This is an all new week here and there is some all new and hot divine bitches scenes to see with the update that comes with it. Today we have a truly special little gallery for you to check out, and you can tell right from the title that this is going to be real good too. The show that’s here today gets to bring you a stunningly hot and sexy ebony goddess of a mistress that toys with her slave and you simply have to check this one out without fail today. She’s going to make him feel the pleasure of some true divinebitches this afternoon with her strap on, so let’s just watch her spread his legs and fuck him missionary here today!

Of course, this show takes place in her little sex dungeon and from the very start you can see her having the guy right behind her all nice and naked and ready to be teased. Check her out taking her time to enjoy playing with him and his body as she makes him get hard and then just teases him more and more without release too. But sure enough she soon wants to see him cum, so sit back and watch her spread his legs as she goes in deep in his ass with her big dildo. She fucks him missionary style as we said, and you can see the guy moan in pleasure throughout the whole thing and at the end he gets to shoot his load too… all over himself!


Enjoy watching this ebony mistress pounding her slave!

Fanboy Pussy Worship

Another fresh week and we have quite the special little divine bitches update here for you to check out. As the title suggests, there was this guy that was a bit new to the real deal in all this, but these two blonde mistresses in black and red latex took care of him good. See he’s a fan of the site and these ladies and he always dreamed to get to be toyed with by them too. So in this one his dreams come true as they get to have him all to themselves for the afternoon to play with too. So yeah let’s watch the two bitches enjoy this a lot as they get to tease him and you can see them fucking him with their dildos today too!


Rest assured that the guy himself was pretty happy to get to be the center of attention between them today to begin with and let them do whatever they wanted to his body as well. When the cameras roll, you can see that the guy is already tied up and ready to be played with as the two babes unzip their outfits to tease him too. And soon enough they have him kneeling down and sucking on their strap on dildos to get them nice and wet for his ass today. And of course, you can then see the two divinely sexy mistresses as they take turns to fuck him in the ass too. We hope that you will enjoy and have fun and we’ll see you again soon with new shows!

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