Divine Bitches – Unusual Therapist

Another fresh week and time for one more superb and hot scene today. In this gallery we have one special show going down in front of the cameras and you for the divine bitches scene and we’re sure that you’ll absolutely love it. Today’s hot and horny babe who is looking just like the sluts from infernalrestraints galleries has a plan to teach one of her submissive sex slaves a lesson in being naughty. And so she puts a plastic chastity belt on the stud while she calls in another hunk. And as punishment the guy has to sit with his hands tied behind his back and watch as this cutie rides that dick hard style right in front of him today. As you can see the lady took away the privilege of him fucking her cunt.

And so she ahs the other stud staying on the couch. As this divinebitches scene starts off, the other guy is forced by the lady to watch as as she whips the other guy’s cock out and she starts to work it with her juicy lips and expert tongue. And when he’s all nice and hard in her mouth the babe takes her place on top of it and you get to see her take it balls deep in her pussy as she rides her new favorite stud for the afternoon. We hope that you enjoyed your stay and this gallery as always and we’ll be back next time with more. Until then enjoy and do check out the past updates too. You’ll get to see more sexy mistresses as they have fun.

unusual- therapist

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Divine Bitches – Slutty Mistress

Like many other divine bitches scenes, you saw some slutty doctors and nurses as they fucked their patients. Well for today’s scene we bring you another scene set in somewhat of a medical entourage, but this lady is no doctor. Besides dominating guys, this sexy babe just has a fetish for a nice medical looking room. And her sex slave for today was about to enjoy himself a nice treatment from her as she’d go about fucking his ass as much as she wanted with her big silver strap on dildo for this hot and fresh divinebitches update. Without further due let’s get her show started and see this blonde cutie get to work.


The sexy blonde has the man lay on his back on the examination table, and she starts to play with his dick stroking it and licking his balls nicely, getting him ready for some brutal face sitting. He was given a specific order by her not to move no matter what she does and he seems to be pretty obedient. Then she takes on her aforementioned sex toy, and while jerking on his cock still, she starts to fuck his ass nice and deep with the strap on today. See her making the dude blow his jizz load while she fucks her ass and jerks him off and enjoy the scene. We’ll be back next week with even more just like usual and we hope that you enjoyed it. For similar content, you might visit the hardtied.net blog!

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Divine Bitches – Sandra Romain

Well here we are once more. And for this nice gallery you are in for one superb scene. We want to present to you one superb and sexy lady as the mistress today. She’s a well known porn star and we bet that you’ll recognize her name on the spot. This babe’s name is Sandra Romain and taking after her name you know where she comes from originally. Well miss Sandra is going to lay down the fucking on a guy’s ass in this fresh divine bitches scene and you get to see it all. Like always you get front row seats to the show and you can bet your ass that this is show is quite awesome. So let’s just get her show started and see what this babe is all about.

As she was enjoying the fresh air in a park, she started to get hit on by a stud that was passing by. At first this babe dismissed him. And Since he wasn’t going to back down this babe opened her trench coat to show off her sexy little mistress outfit and let him know that she’s a lady that enjoys the more hard core sex sessions. Well that didn’t seem to deter him either, and this babe was just fine with it as she’d get a new fuck toy for this fine day. Watch her tying his hands behind his back, and see her fucking his nice and tight ass with her big and hard rubber dildo that she packed his her purse. After a nice and hard anal fucking maybe this guy will think twice about picking up strange women. If you liked this scene cum inside http://captivemale.us/ website and watch some similar galleries!


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Mz Berlin In FemDom Action

For today’s nice and hot divine bitches update we bring you one more superb scene. And you can rest assured that this is one hard and sexy little scene with a super sexy and busty mistress as she has her fun teasing her man slut for the afternoon. This is one hot babe and she always puts her men through some pretty harsh femdomempire treatments with her twisted little fetishes. Today she gets to have some more fun with a horny stud that tried to pick her up, and this babe is about to show him why not many men get to fuck her.


Her name is Mz Merlin and even though that’s a nickname it doesn’t really matter as she has quite a reputation as one might imagine. Heaven only knows how this guy didn’t hear about this babe, but he seemed to know who she was he was made to say out her name as she was playing with his nipples. Watch her take on her big strap on dildo, and see her as she also starts to anal fuck the horny stud for the rest of this hot scene today. We hope that you enjoyed your stay and we’ll see you again next week with some more! If you liked this scene check out the house of taboo site and enjoy watching some similar videos and pics!

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DivineBitches – Maitresse Madeline

This week, mistress Madeline comes back yet again with one more sexy scene. In this hot and fresh update the babe gets to put on one superb divinebitches show for you as she teases a patient. The scene has her acting like a harsh nurse and she just has to have her way with this cute stud for the afternoon. And once this babe gets her eyes set on you, you won’t get off easy no matter what. For this scene she wore a superb nurse outfit and her hair was all dyed a dark red color making her look even more authoritarian. Well let’s not waste any more time and watch her get to work on this guy without further delay in this divine bitches scene that we have for you.

As the cameras start to roll, you get to see the dude as he takes his time to recover sleeping in his bed. Well very soon afterwards, this cute and horny babe makes her entry too, and with the guy still sleeping peacefully, she makes her way to his bed and gently pulls off the cover to reveal his sexy nude body. She gently makes sure to fasten his hands to the bed, and so she starts to touch his cock. Naturally the guy didn’t wake up straight away as he was enjoying the treatment, but when he was nice and hard this babe started to jerk him of faster and harder. Watch him realize what’s going down and as he’s also getting ass fucked, see him blast his huge and sticky jizz load all over her cute face and perky tits this fine day! For similar galleries check out fuckingdungeon.org blog.See you next time, friends!


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Divine Bitches Free Porn – Madeline and Lorelei

Another fresh week and time for one more superb update today. This time we bring you back Madeline and her best friend Lorelei. The two babes are about to get some fucking done with another hot stud as they dominate him completely and fuck him as much and how ever they want for today. The guy has been very naughty and the babes need to punish him in this nice divine bitches free gallery today. Both of them have some killer sexy bodies and they sure know how to make full use of them to tease and entice guys to let them do what ever they want to them every time. And this guy was getting the same treatment for the nice afternoon.


As the scene starts off, the sexy babes make their entry and both of them are dressed in some pretty sexy and hot outfits. Soon afterwards, the stud comes into the scene too, and this two cuties waste no time in getting to play around with him as they make quick work of his clothes and only let him keep on a sexy pair of cute pink panties. Watch them as they have him lying on his back and they start to play with his cock and balls. So watch them tease the stud as they jerk off his cock and play with his balls today, and of course that the guy eventually blows his load all over the place pleasing his mistresses for the nice afternoon today. See you guys next week with more!

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Madeline And Her Submissive Slave

Today’s update features one hot and horny mistress and her submissive man having fun in an abandoned building for the afternoon in this divine bitches update. The name of this simply sexy and hot babe is Madeline and she just loves to fuck in all kinds of naughty places. Since she was out for a walk with this dude she kind of got in a naughty mood. And so she pulled him inside of a abandoned building to have some female domination fun with him. Rest assured that this cutie always packs her tools of the trade in her bag and she always has them at hand.

Well this guys is her favorite as he always does what she asks of him without second guessing her. And as they went inside, the babe made quick work of the dude’s clothes to start having some fun. Watch her as she whips him too while he’s got his hands tied up behind him. And then watch as the sexy woman has the guy kneel, and she plants his pussy on his face. Watch him giving her oral as she holds his head and enjoy seeing her moan in pleasure while the guy licks her pussy as much as she wants in this nice evening today.


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DivineBitches – Lorelei Lee

Well here we are again with some more nice and fresh divinebitches updates everyone. In this nice and hot scene you get to see one hot and sexy blonde, who is looking just like the chicks from lingerievideos, and just how rough she can get with her man slut stud for this afternoon. She has one dirty fetish and that’s to take this guy to some public places, tie him up to something there, and then see her whip him while he’s all nude in public. Today she chose a abandoned factory site, and even though no one really passes through it still serves nicely to please this babe. So watch the cutie tie up the you to a concrete pole and watch her taking out her nice and hot little leather flail to work on the dude.


Well she seems to be very much into it as she goes hard style on his body right from the start without showing any signs of stopping in this nice and sexy divine bitches update today. See her playing with him as much as she wants. And towards the end, since he was a good little man slut, the evil angel decided to give him a little treat. And so, all dressed in her superb leather dress, she kneels down and starts to suck on his cock with her juicy lips and play with it with her expert tongue too. Watch her as she also jerks him off as to not leave him unfinished. And the guy soon blows his load all over the place with the help of her hands jerking him off today.

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Fetish Liza

Hey there once more everyone. Today we come back with another super sexy and hot little show for you guys. In this fresh and hot divine bitches update you get to see the sexy and hot miss Liza as she has her fun with her little man slut for the afternoon. The guy wanted to pick her up, and she told him just what she’s into but the guy wasn’t phased as he said that he enjoys playing hard just like in club dom videos. Well what this babe actually meant was the fact that she likes to bind her men and she just loves to be the one doing the fucking.

Rest assured that he learned very soon just what this sexy babe was all about and by the end he learned to enjoy it. As soon as they reached her place, this babe tied him up nicely in her basement and she started to have her fun. As you can see she does know how to dress up sexy and her superb latex outfit just made this mistress look even hotter. Watch her as she takes on her strap on dildo, and the guy knew what that meant. He’d be the one to get his ass fucked today. So sit back and watch her jerking him off as she fucks his butt nice and deep today.


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Divine Bitches – Dr. Cherry Torn

Hey there guys, we bring you one more super sexy and hot little scene for today with one awesome gallery in the doctor’s office. And gracing us with her presence in this divine bitches update is sexy miss Cherry and her little assistant for the day. The two have a routine check up to do on this guy that loves to cross-dress but as you can see the whole thing turned into a wild fuck fest. It’s just that the blonde felt really naughty and horny and she just had to do something about it without delay. So let’s watch these two have fun with their patient in this nice afternoon shall we everyone?


As this nice had hot little divinebitches scene starts off, the two do the said check up on this guy as he has his legs lifted high in the air. But what he didn’t expect was to see this blonde cutie pull out a big strap on dildo. And as you can see the sexy little lady began to fuck his tight ass nice and hard with it without any other questions. And since the assistant was also in need of some attention he also offered up his cock for the guy to suck on as much as he wants. So watch this sexy stud getting fucked in his ass and mouth today and enjoy the scene. We will be back next week with some more fresh and hot galleries for you guys to see. Until then, click here and enjoy watching other slutty mistresses fucking their poor slaves!

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