Domestic Husband Training

Welcome back guys to some more amazing divine bitches scenes this afternoon and another little lady with a passion for playing naughty and on top of playing naughty she also seems to have a passion for latex and being a dominatrix too. Well that’s why her husband married her in the first place actually too. So yeah, today you get to see the busty beauty as she gets to take her time to do whatever she wants to her man here today and as you can clearly see in this divinebitches scene, she’s going to be using a strap on dildo on his ass. Anyway, let’s just get those cameras rolling and watch her in some amazing action without delay shall we everyone?


As the show truly begins, you can see that the guy was made by her to wear some cute and sexy lingerie too. She wants him all dressed up pretty before she gets to rip those panties apart and going deep in his ass with her strap on. But this all is just to get her off of course as she only gets really horny if she’s the one to be in control all the time too. So yeah, sit back and check out this amazing show and watch as the babe fucks her sex slave and then watch her having him do more work for her on that amazing body today. We’ll be back again soon so make sure to drop on by and check out the new and fresh shows!

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