Drown In My Squirt

We promised a new divine bitches update today, so here it is and it is glorious. As you can tell, this mistress here got to get really really naughty with her slave and they had lots and lots of fun with one another. As they start to play you will get to see that she doesn’t need whips and chains to get herself off as her main thing is just to be the top dog as one would say in the encounter. And her personality mirrors that since she’s a very very strong willed person. And of course, here at divinebitches all the babes have that and that is what turns their slaves on. Let’s see this red haired cutie totally dominate the guy she’s with and enjoy herself!


The action takes place in the living room with the babe making the rules right from the start and you can watch her strapping some dildos to the guy with some belt straps and that’s about it. she likes to have her men be free, and just subdued by her presence. So yeah, check her out riding that dildo she strapped to his chest and watch her letting him suck on her toes too. She was only sporting a form fitting black dress that was making her look smoking hot and we bet that you will agree that she looked absolutely divine in it. Well either way, just take the time to enjoy her in action here today and then watch her go in for round two as well!

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